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FAB framework: How to write a captivating product description (with example)

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One of the best ways to write product description copies is by using FAB copywriting framework. You would see it being used extensively in many product pages. Let’s talk about it in detail in this blog.

In this ongoing series of posts on copywriting frameworks, we covered some of the most commonly used frameworks. Some of them were AIDA, PPPP or 4Ps, PAS, BAB and SSS copywriting framework. You can check all our copywriting posts here.

FAB formula stands for Features -Advantage-Benefit. Here is how you write them in a product copy:

  1. Feature: Mention the product feature in focus for the copy.
  2. Advantage: How is it different from everything out there? What is so special about this feature?
  3. Benefit: What is the tangible benefit that the user gets by using this feature?

Let’s talk about this formula in greater detail:

F – Feature in FAB formula

The first step in the FAB framework is to pick the feature you wish to highlight and state it in as concise way as possible. Do not worry about explaining the feature for now. State the feature in as jargon-less a way as possible.

It could be specifications or some unique characteristic that makes the service stand out.

Let’s take and example of Apple’s iPhone 15 here. Below is a screenshot from its product page. Note the first line in the section. It states one of the key features of the new iPhone. In this case, the “all-new 40MP main camera”.

Source: Apple

A – Advantage

The A in the FAB formula is Advantage. Here, we explain how this feature is an advantage over the alternatives or your previous product version.

In our example, since iPhones are launched every year, the advantage section compares it with the previous version. As you can see in the copy, it says it has 4 times more resolution than previous version and the 2X telephoto is as good as having a third camera.

Note, the advantage section will not yet talk about how this feature translates into a big difference in the user’s life. It is still letting the user know that the feature is a big deal and showcases its advantages over other options.

Source: Apple

B – Benefit

Then we come to the last section, where we connect this feature and its advantages to a tangible benefit in user’s life.

In the below example, Apple says “For breathtaking, smile-making picture taking”. This makes it easy for the user to see why the feature in the product matters and why the product is worth buying.

Source: Apple

And that is it. This is all there is to FAB framework.

The FAB formula is typically used multiple times within the same product page. It should be ideally used for each feature that matters.

You can also use this for a list of services you offer. For example, here is how I used to showcase my services. If you notice, most of them follow a pattern, “ServiceWhy the service mattersWhat is in it for you“. This is very similar to the FAB formula we discussed.


FAB formula is incredibly useful when you are creating a product or services page. Use it extensively when you want to highlight any particular feature in your product or service.

As shown above, even the biggest company in the world uses this method to sell their iPhones.

Go ahead try it and tell me on Twitter how your experience was.

There are only a few articles that talk about FAB framework well. In fact, I feel my article covers most things you need to know in this formula very well. But here are some of the good articles you could read to get some more insights.

This medium article gives some more examples on FAB copywriting method. Another article that I found to be above average was this by ProCopytips.

Apart from FAB, we have covered a few other frameworks like AIDA, PPPP, PAS, BAB, and SSS. They are worth reading.

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