Books I read

Growth Marketing has become more mainstream since this book was published. But it still remains one of the best books to understand the mindset needed in Growth Marketing.

It breaks many traditional beliefs of a marketer. A must read, if you ask me.  A line from this book has stuck with me – “Anything that gets customers is marketing.”

I would rate this a 9/10.

This book grows on you. I have read this twice already and every time, I read it, I understand the meaning of the laws better. Many of the laws I felt are more about positioning and strategy, than other aspects of marketing.

One line I will takeaway from it is this: “Marketing is NOT a battle of products, but a battle of perceptions.”

A definite 9/10. Skip it at your own risk.

The OG Growth Hacking book! It is a reference guide for all the growth experiments you plan to do in your company. It is not a quick read. It will make you pause and think many times.

If Ryan Holiday’s book explained the mindset, this one goes in detail about how to do growth hacking in your company. A must-read esp. the second half of the book.

I would rate this an 8/10. 

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